Tesla CyberTruck UI shows “OFF ROAD MODE” is available

Tesla CyberTruck UI shows “OFF ROAD MODE” is available

The Tesla Cybertruck is not like any other pickup that we can all see today. The car looks like a futuristic armored personnel carrier: an angular exterior, a large bed, unbelievably stunning wheels and thick sturdy stainless steel case. Cybertruck, despite its size, is nimble thanks to instant torque and all-wheel drive.

Also, this beast has a very important characteristic for a pickup truck, which until now has not attracted much attention. Very often, people who live in rural areas or have to drive off-road buy pickups. Also, Cybertruck certainly attracted the attention of those who like to spend their time on tourist trips outside the city and love to enjoy nature. But the use of a vehicle in the country, in off-road conditions, requires some special characteristics from it.

Of course, in the first place, the vehicle must have certain technical characteristics. Every single Cybertruck will come with standard air suspension, capable of lifting the body up for a full 16 inches of ground clearance. For approach angle, Tesla says that the truck will have 35 degrees while the departure angle comes in at 28 degrees.

The overall size seems very close to the F-150. The total length is 231.7 inches and the total width is 79.8 inches. Both numbers are within half an inch of the F-150 Raptor. But, the most impressive off-road Ford pickup truck has a clearance of 11.5 inches, an approach angle of 30.2 degrees and departure of 23 degrees, so Cybertruck is the best option under any circumstances.

But Tesla is not just a car manufacturing company, Tesla is a technology company that makes not just vehicles, but high-tech vehicles.

User Reddit u/backstreetatnight recently shared a photo of Cybertruck's UI. On it you can consider one amazing detail, namely the fact that the 'Off Road' mode is activated. That is, in fact, we see that the vehicle has an additional, unique 'Off Road' function.

Cybertruck UI from r/TeslaLounge

This means that a choice of several driving modes will be available for Cybertruck, including the mode by which your vehicle will better pass difficult sections of the road. So far, there are no official statements from Tesla on this issue, so we can’t find out about the presence or absence of this Mode for sure.

Apparently, Cybertruck is full of many different functions, which we have not seen in any of Tesla's vehicles before. Most likely, it will need its own special application that will support all the necessary functions.

Perhaps for this reason, Tesla began to hire new co-workers, namely, developers of mobile applications for Cybertruck. Recently, Tesmanian became aware that one of the users of Reddit received an offer to work in the Cybertruk project from Tesla

Source: u/sebastt1an/Reddit

Tesla team and Cybertruck continues to amaze us with new features.

Source: diplomat33/teslamotorsclub

Source: diplomat33/teslamotorsclub

Source: diplomat33/teslamotorsclub

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