Tesla Achieves 1 Millionth European Vehicle Delivery

Tesla Achieves 1 Millionth European Vehicle Delivery
Credit: Tesla
  • Tesla is celebrating the delivery of its 1 millionth vehicle in Europe.
  • The milestone was reached 14 years after the first delivery of a Tesla car there.
  • Model Y will ensure even faster growth in the number of Tesla cars on European roads.
Founded two decades ago, Tesla has already achieved major success in the automobile market. On Friday, the company celebrates the delivery of its 1 millionth vehicle in Europe. The milestone was achieved just 14 years after the company delivered the first original Tesla Roadster to a customer in the region. The company highlighted its achievement on the official Tesla Europe X account and thanked all the customers who made it possible.

The company's first car, the Tesla Roadster, was delivered in 2009. Former Tesla Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service, Darryl Siry said at the time that “since we launched the Tesla Roadster in the US, there has been extraordinary interest from European customers and media. Now that we are in production, we are excited to offer this groundbreaking car to Europeans who want to be the first on the continent to drive a car with extraordinary performance, beautiful styling, and zero emissions.” At that time, only 250 units of the special limited edition were delivered to European customers who reserved them in advance.

Since then, Tesla has introduced a line of cars in different price categories and body types. Initially, all deliveries came only from the company's factory in Fremont, US. However, after Tesla launched the Chinese factory, Giga Shanghai, market saturation began at a faster pace. The biggest accelerator, of course, was the German Tesla factory, Giga Berlin, which began producing cars in 2022.

Tesla's unconditional success has been its Model Y. The car is very desirable all over the world and Europe is no exception. In the first eight months of 2023 (data only available through August), Model Y was the best-selling vehicle of any powertrain type in Europe.

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