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Tesla Delivers BIW Model Y to Giga Texas for Calibration of Manufacturing Equipment

Tesla Delivers BIW Model Y to Giga Texas for Calibration of Manufacturing Equipment

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The construction progress of Giga Texas continues to amaze observers. A lot of production equipment has already been installed and Tesla delivered the body in white (BIW) Model Y to the factory to calibrate the equipment before production begins. The details of the observations indicate that the production of the world’s most innovative cars will begin here in the coming months.

Giga Texas is being built at an incredibly fast pace. Given its enormous size, it seems overwhelming that in just one year Tesla was able to achieve such progress. Much smaller factories usually take about 2-4 years to build, so here Tesla again has an advantage. While some parts of the building are still under construction, others already have a shell. In those parts, the equipment has already begun to be installed a few months ago.

Recently, a BIW Model Y was spotted being lifted into a building at Giga Texas. Obviously, the body was delivered to the factory as a sample, so that the equipment needed for future production could be calibrated. Tesla does this every time it prepares a new factory for opening; BIW vehicles were delivered to Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin.

Tesla will make another breakthrough in 2021 as the production of Model Y is set to begin at two more factories. While Giga Berlin is experiencing delays in obtaining a final environmental permit, Giga Texas is under construction at a very fast pace. Most of the factory building is still under construction at the moment, but this will not prevent the launch of Model Y. The company has begun construction of the workshops that will be required to start production of the compact SUV and has already installed a lot of equipment and robots. At this point, there are rumors in the community that Tesla will start production with Cybertruck in Austin. Even if this is true, preparation for the production of Cybertruck should not interfere with the preparation for the production of Model Y.

The construction of Giga Texas seems to be going very well, without the slightest delay. This means that the Texas-made Model Y will begin mass production over the next few months, which will have a significant impact on the 2021 delivery numbers and likely lead to a startling new record.

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