Tesla Delivery Day for First Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys Promises to Be Exciting

Tesla Delivery Day for First Giga Berlin-Made Model Ys Promises to Be Exciting

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It was recently announced that Tesla will hold a ceremony to deliver the first made-in-German Model Ys on March 22 at Giga Berlin. The published schedule for Delivery Day shows that this event promises to be exciting.

About two weeks ago, Tesla Giga Berlin received final construction approval and to permission to produce 500,000 vehicles a year. This gave the green light to start mass production. Last week, the manufacturer sent out invitations to Giga Berlin employees indicating that the event is scheduled for March 22, 2022.

On Sunday, @tesla_adri/Twitter shared the details of what awaits Tesla's guests on Delivery Day, in line with the manufacturer's plans. The event will begin on March 22 at 9:00 am local time with the arrival, reception, and registration of guests. Afterward, guests will be able to have a unique tour of Tesla's first European factory and key decision-makers on the progress of Giga Berlin approval will speak. It is reported that Elon Musk may also join, although his presence has not yet been 100% confirmed. There will also be a solemn handover of the first made-in-Germany Model Ys, after which a group photo will be taken, which will forever go down in history. At the end of the deliveries, the guests can celebrate this day together.

9:00—10:00 Arrival and reception
10:00—11:00 Registration
11:00—13:00 Factory Tour
13:00—13:20 Salutation
13:30—14:30 Vehicle handover
15:00 Group photo
15:00—21:00 Celebration

Tesla indicated that after handing over key cards to owners, one of the company's employees will drive them and their companions to the event area and park the car in line with other cars. Once all customers have received their vehicles, a group photo will be taken at 3:00 pm, after which the celebration will begin. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to drive a car on the territory of Giga Berlin, therefore all car movements within the territory will be carried out by Tesla employees upon request. At any time, when customers want, the company's employees can move cars away from the territory and give control to owners. To do this, owners will have to go to a special tent, and a Tesla consultant will then take the owners to the exit.

Tesla has planned a unique tour of the Giga Berlin factory, which is already operating and making cars. To create the most personalized experience possible, the company is hosting it in four separate groups. The tour will last 30 minutes and all participants will be required to wear hard hats and mouth and nose protection.

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