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Tesla Giga Berlin Is an Example for Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Punished for Improving Plans, Says Steinbach

Tesla Giga Berlin Is an Example for Why Companies Shouldn’t Be Punished for Improving Plans, Says Steinbach

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Tesla Giga Berlin will soon begin production said Jörg Steinbach. The factory approval process has become a good example that companies should not be penalized for making improvements to projects, the politician said.

Brandenburg Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach expects American electric car maker Tesla to start production in Grünheide soon. “I strongly believe that Tesla will meet the requirements during this time and that the opening can take place as planned,” he told Märkische Allgemeine. “We are working on schedule and in constant contact at all levels,” the politician continued.

The State Environmental Agency approved the construction of the factory on March 4, subject to numerous requirements and conditions, and a permit for the production of 500,000 vehicles per year was also received. The opening ceremony of the factory and the handover of the first Model Ys made at Giga Berlin will take place next week on March 22.

Steinbach also called for faster approval procedures, especially when an investor makes significant changes to the planning process and refines it. Tesla added a battery factory to the application, so public discussions of construction plans were necessary. “A company should not be penalized if it makes improvements to the current process and at the same time fixes flaws in the original application,” Steinbach said. "It can't be, and that should be the key lesson of the project." According to him, if it were not for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and there was no second public comment, approval would have been received in just a year and a half, and not just over two years.

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