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Tesla & Elon Musk Under Attack by Filmmaker Who Pays Influencers to Speak Negatively About Them

Tesla & Elon Musk Under Attack by Filmmaker Who Pays Influencers to Speak Negatively About Them

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Tesla and Elon Musk are under attack again, this time from an unscrupulous filmmaker who pays influencers to speak badly of them. “The self-appointed czar BATTLING AGAINST ‘Distracted Driving’” recruits 75-100 employees who are paid $100 for a 10-15 minute video.

Tesla and Elon Musk have been attacked by a filmmaker whose heinous activities were exposed thanks to the vigilance of one of Teslarati's readers. The person shared an email with the publication containing information about the planned film. The film is supposed to have a positive impact on people so that they do not get distracted while driving, but instead of using facts, the organizer encouraged actors to speak badly about Tesla and Elon Musk in staged videos in order to deceive and confuse viewers.

Founder, DestructiveDriving.com, Jordan Skopp, who called himself “czar BATTLING AGAINST ‘Distracted Driving,’” is making a movie called “Man Vs Musk.” The description of the project says that Tesla and its CEO are guilty of distracted driving. Backed by Charlie Schulman, Skopp aims to attract 75-100 social media influencers who will lie about Tesla and Musk, blaming them for the problem of distracted driving. Each participant will receive $100 for a 10-15 minute video, which they will also have to post on their social networks.

“Casting “Man vs Musk,” a short film. Synopsis: “Man v. Musk,” is about Skopp's role in combating Distracted Driving. Seeking 75-100 actors with a strong social media presence/following to read and self-record a new 10-15 minute monologue. Production states: 'It is co-written by Skopp and award-winning Playwright Charlie Schulman.”

While it would seem that fighting distracted driving is a good intention, the dirty methods that have been chosen to do so are disgusting. Instead of conducting real research and creating a quality film based on facts, the project chose lies and their wide dissemination to mislead the audience, inclining only to the subjective opinion of the organizers. Obviously, when it comes to fact-checking, accusing Tesla and Musk will lose all meaning. Then it will be impossible to use the known name of the company and the name of its CEO, which means that the project will not receive the public attention desired by the organizers. It is the use of Tesla and Musk that highlights the likelihood of a desire for fame, and the goal of combating distracted driving is perhaps only a deception.

For example, in Q4 2021, Tesla recorded one crash for every 4.31 million miles driven in which drivers were using Autopilot technology. For drivers who were not using Autopilot technology (no Autosteer and active safety features), Tesla recorded one crash for every 1.59 million miles driven. By comparison, NHTSA’s data shows that in the United States there is an automobile crash every 484,000 miles. The results are clear.

The fact is that the chance of getting into an accident with a Tesla car is much lower than with other cars. This is due to the impressive technologies that are used in the company's vehicles: Full Self-Driving (FSD), Autopilot, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). In addition, the manufacturer incentivizes drivers who drive more safely through lower auto insurance rates.

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