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Elon Musk Returns to the 'Joe Rogan Experience' Podcast For Round 2


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is returning to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast for Round 2. Rogan announced Musk’s upcoming appearance at his popular podcast on his social media accounts, stating that the episode will be dropping later today, at 9 AM PST. 

News of Musk’s upcoming podcast appearance has been received very well by the Tesla community, partly because Joe Rogan adopts a long-form format with his podcast episodes. Typical Joe Rogan Experience episodes last several hours, which would likely give Musk enough time to cover several topics, from his work in Tesla to his ambitious goals with SpaceX. 

This is not the first time that Musk has been featured in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was featured in an episode back in September 2018. Musk was not exactly in the best place then, as the episode aired just barely a month since he started a short-lived attempt to take Tesla private, and the challenges with the Model 3 ramp in Fremont. 

Musk actually covered a lot of pertinent topics in his first appearance at the Joe Rogan Experience. He talked about his views on Artificial Intelligence, his thoughts about the possibility of humans being in a simulation, and Japanese swords. Interestingly enough, Rogan’s Instagram post about his podcast’s upcoming episode featured Musk holding a katana. 

Musk also discussed some of his ideas about Tesla and his other companies. The idea of a Tesla HVAC system was first mentioned in his conversation with Rogan in 2018. This was also the time when Musk mentioned his views about Teslas being the most fun things that people can buy. 

Unfortunately, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s previous appearance at the Joe Rogan Experience ended up being famous for the wrong reasons, primarily due to Musk taking a whiff of cannabis that was offered to him by the podcast host. It was very brief, but due to its controversial nature, headlines that followed Musk’s podcast appearance were riddled with references to the CEO smoking cannabis on air. Musk also ran into trouble afterward, with Musk later stating that his actions were “not wise.”

Hopefully, Musk’s appearance at the Joe Rogan Experience this time around will not be mired in controversy. Musk seems to be at a better place now than back in 2018, after all, with Gigafactory Shanghai producing the Model 3 for the Chinese market and Tesla Energy finally ramping up. Perhaps Musk and Rogan will converse about more exciting topics, and perhaps some of them will involve updates to Tesla’s products like the Cybertruck. One can only hope. 

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