Tesla Cars Flood China DMVs Awaiting Registration Before End of Quarter

Tesla Cars Flood China DMVs Awaiting Registration Before End of Quarter

Photo: @42how_/Twitter

China's Departments of Vehicles (DMVs) are flooded with Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles awaiting registration. A significant increase in the number of registrations is associated with the end of the quarter, when, traditionally for the country, the number of registrations increases significantly.

Tesla vehicle registrations in China continue to grow at a high rate. @42how_/Twitter shared a video of dozens of electric vehicles made at Giga Shanghai queuing up to be registered with the DMV before the end of the year. The video frames show such a long queue, in both directions from the operator, that we cannot see the ends. Despite the fact that this is a general queue for all vehicles, Model 3 and Model Y are there in the vast majority.

The situation at this DMV demonstrates what is happening now in many DMVs in the country. Such queues can traditionally be seen at the end of the second and third months of each quarter, but at the end of the last quarter of the year, they are especially large. This situation is primarily due to the fact that Giga Shanghai begins to deliver the bulk of Tesla cars starting from the middle of each quarter. It happens because the delivery inside the country is faster than to other countries, so in the first half of the quarter, the factory produces cars for export. Also, at the end of the year, the number of deliveries increases significantly compared to other quarters, as the manufacturer raises production indicators throughout the twelve months. Tesla's delivery data in Q4 2021 will undoubtedly be very strong, and China will become the second largest market for Tesla after the United States.

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