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Tesla Model Y Body for Future Installation of Structural Battery Pack with 4680 Cells Spotted at Giga Texas

Tesla Model Y Body for Future Installation of Structural Battery Pack with 4680 Cells Spotted at Giga Texas

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter

Tesla has developed its own 4680 battery cells and intends to install them in Model Ys manufactured at Giga Texas and Giga Berlin. Tesla Model Y, with an unusual body, was spotted at Giga Texas suggesting further installation of a structural battery pack with 4680 cells.

Giga Texas is developing at a very fast pace, and although it may seem that the factory is still far from producing cars, this is not the reality. Based on all the information available today, it becomes obvious that all workshops necessary for the production of Model Y are already ready. This is primarily indicated by the fact that at the end of August, the factory had already produced its first pre-production Model Y. The next four months were used to further tune and calibrate the production equipment to be ready to start the production of cars.

Model Y manufactured at Giga Texas will be different from those currently being produced at Tesla's Fremont factory. One of the most striking differences is the use of a structural battery pack with 4680 battery cells. In fact, the body of such Model Y will not have a typical bottom, and instead there will be a structural battery pack, directly onto which the seats will be attached.

Joe Tegtmeyer/Twitter, who constantly observes the progress of the construction of Giga Texas noticed something interesting in the factory. He spotted a truck that delivered an important cargo: the body of Model Y. This body had significant differences from those currently being produced. It lacked a bottom, which was the clearest indication that this is the body for building Model Y with a structural battery pack with 4680 battery cells.

Initially at Giga Texas, Tesla will manufacture Model Y with 2170 battery cells, as production of 4680 cells has not yet reached mass production sufficient to use for the mass production of Model Y in the U.S. Nevertheless, as soon as it becomes possible, the company should be ready to switch to the production of bodies in which the new type of batteries will be installed without unnecessary delays. In addition, do not underestimate the likelihood that Tesla may have already started production of some Model Ys with 4680 battery cells.

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