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Tesla TSLA Fremont Ships 1300+ 2021 Refreshed Model 3, 2nd Batch Arrives in Hong Kong for Delivery

Tesla TSLA Fremont Ships 1300+ 2021 Refreshed Model 3, 2nd Batch Arrives in Hong Kong for Delivery

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Tesla continues to ramp up production and deliveries of the refreshed Model 3. A US ship has just delivered over 1,300 vehicles to Hong Kong port.

Interest in the Tesla brand continues to grow in several countries in Southeast Asia. iPrice, an e-commerce platform aggregator, noted that Tesla is the most popular automotive brand in two countries, namely Singapore and Hong Kong. Both countries are steadily moving towards clean energy vehicles and have proposed a deadline for phasing out ICE vehicles.

In Hong Kong, the government has already introduced incentives to encourage the transition from ICE vehicles to all-electric vehicles. As a result of government policy and Tesla's development, demand for Model 3 continues to grow. More than 1,300 2021 Tesla Model 3 vehicles have just arrived in Hong Kong from the United States, according to photos received exclusively by Tesmanian. All are manufactured in Fremont, not Giga Shanghai as had been previously thought, when six refreshed Model 3s were spotted in Hong Kong.

Source: Tesmanian

All cars have a number of improvements, namely:

  • Modified headlights
  • New wheel design
  • Chrome delete of exterior trims
  • New multi-paned glass
  • Powered trunk gate
  • The gasket seal has small holes to drain excess fluid and prevent it from entering the trunk
  • Added symbol to the "open door" button
  • Updated steering wheel
  • Updated center console
  • Charging ports under the rear air vents
  • 64GB flash memory
  • Heat pump

Hong Kong has a population of around 7.5 million, so the arrival of so many Model 3s is indicative of very high demand. Tesla kicked off Q4 with strong production and deliveries, hinting at even more impressive delivery results in the last quarter and overall in 2020.

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