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Tesla Giga Berlin Project Draws Talent from Around the Country, Attracts Head of Mercedes-Benz Plant

Tesla Giga Berlin Project Draws Talent from Around the Country, Attracts Head of Mercedes-Benz Plant

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Tesla is a company that creates zero-emission vehicles and its goal is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. Tesla's developments in automotive, energy storage, and software make the company a leader in many areas. In 2020, Tesla has become the most coveted employer for engineers in the world. With the development of the company and the expansion of production facilities, tens of thousands of new jobs are created by Tesla, attracting the world's top talent.

Construction of Giga Berlin is progressing rapidly and German-made electric vehicles will soon begin rolling off the assembly line. Employment agencies and company representatives, including the company's CEO Elon Musk, are actively seeking the most talented people to join the mission.

Now we are learning that the head of the Berlin-based Mercedes-Benz engine plant also is siding with Tesla. Rene Reif, the 57-year-old manager of the Mercedes-Benz Berlin plant that makes powertrains, will retire at the end of the year of his own accord. After that, he will take up a position at Tesla, according to IG Metall Berlin.

Musk visited Giga Berlin last week to interview people who can be problem-solvers for Tesla--some of whom will eventually form a team of 25 people, the so-called "25 Guns." These employees will communicate directly with Musk, solving the most difficult problems in forging the way for Tesla's electric revolution in the European market.

To succeed at Tesla, applicants do not need to have a high school or college degree. Musk continually emphasizes that what is really important is thinking, drive, collaboration skills, and a passion for learning.

At the same time, Musk creates a team of the best specialists and surrounds himself with the very people he likes and respects: "Such a privilege to work with people I like & respect so much. I feel blessed." He emphasizes that Tesla strives to help reveal the potential of creative and driven people: "It is an honor that they would choose to work with me. I strive to ensure that the companies enable creative & driven people to reach their potential."

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