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Tesla Fremont Posts 3 New Jobs For Battery Manufacturing Line As It Prepares To Reopen


Tesla posted three new jobs for Fremont Factory, days before it plans to reopen on May 8. All three positions were linked to battery cell manufacturing, which Tesla has been planning to dive into for quite some time now. The job listing also hints at some of the announcements Tesla might make during Battery Day. 

The Fremont Factory is looking for a Cell Engineer for cell physics modeling as well as a Production Process Engineer and Controls Engineer for Tesla’s Pilot Line Cell Manufacturing. Given the labels on the EV automaker’s recent job postings, it is undeniable that Tesla has or will have a line for battery cell production at Fremont. 

TSLA bull Gali Russell from HyperChange discovered the job listings and was excited to share it with others. He linked the job listings to a rumor he had heard that Tesla was testing Maxwell’s dry battery electrode technology at Fremont. 

Initially, he had not put any weight on the rumor, but Fremont’s latest job listings may have given it some substance. Russell believes that Tesla will not build its battery factory at Fremont, but the company may have started working on a pilot line to test and validate the technology at scale before ramping production. 

Before Fremont’s job listings were discovered, news broke that Tesla had signed a contract for battery formation equipment from South Korea’s Hanwha Group on April 20. The news further supports the idea of a pilot manufacturing line for battery cell production at the Fremont factory. 

Tesla could announce the existence of its pilot battery production line during Battery Day, which is expected to take place in mid-May. Many theories have been shared about the company’s upcoming Battery Day, from Tesla’s cobalt-free batteries for the vehicles made in Giga Shanghai to dry cells and supercapacitor technology for the Semi’s batteries.

Elon Musk addressed the importance of battery capacity for Tesla during the Q4 2019 Earnings Call. He revealed how important battery production would be for Tesla’s future vehicle production lines, like the Cybertruck and the Semi. 

“We got to improve the total battery capacity. Otherwise, we add complexity, but we do not improve the number of vehicles on the road. So, while we do some sort of high-capacity vehicle at some point probably, but we need to make sure we got the batteries to make cars that that we’ve already got already on our plate,” he said, answering a question from Gene Munster about Battery Day.

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