Tesla Community's Wholesome Frunkpuppy Movement Goes Global In China


The Tesla community’s Frunkpuppy movement has gone global and reached China. During such a bleak time in the world, people are searching for ways to stay positive, and #frunkpuppyfridays seem to provide the right amount of happiness for everyone in the Tesla community and beyond.

Tesla enthusiast Chao Zhou—who was one of the first supporters to report on Giga Shanghai’s progress—previously revealed that the Frunkpuppy movement reached Tesla China’s official TikTok. The global support for Frunkpuppy provided its originator Earl Banning some much-needed catharsis and positivity during a trying time in his life.

Earl Banning, who is an active duty Air Force neuropsychologist, gained a following in the Tesla community after Elon Musk and Tesla’s official Twitter shared a short video of his Model 3 pulling into a garage without a driver. As his account continued to grow, Banning started taking pictures of Norman—his labradoodle—chilling his Model 3’s frunk, which sparked the beggining of #frunkpuppy.

The frunkpuppy trend started to gain traction while Banning and his wife was experiencing some tough obstacles life threw their way. Frunkpuppy and the community that supported it became one of Banning’s sources of solace during those hard times.

Now, #frunkpuppyfridays may be doing the same for everyone around the world. Notably, Tesla China’s TikTok account shared Banning’s fun-loving Frunkpuppy hashtag right before the pandemic plagued countries across the globe.

When life throws curveballs, it’s vital to remain positive even if that means looking at a bunch of pictures of dogs sitting in Tesla frunks. Wholesome fun and entertainment are rare, especially during tough times, but they do exist.

Frunkpuppy exudes wholesome fun and entertainment, which may be why it has started to reach a global audience. It also connects people and draws them into a positive community during a time when most are isolated inside their homes for days or weeks.

So Frunkpuppy has become more than just a Twitter hashtag. It is a community of people seeking wholesome fun and entertainment. And it isn’t bound by the borders of countries. Similar to how wholesome dog pictures inside Tesla trunks helped out Banning during some of his darkest days, perhaps Frunkpuppy can result in some extra smiles today. The world definitely needs it. 

Featured Image Credit: @28delayslater/Twitter 

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