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Tesla Model Y Is 'Best All-Around Tesla' In Existence, Says Car Critic Doug DeMuro

by Ma. Claribelle Deveza March 25, 2020


The Model Y was dubbed the “best all-around Tesla in existence,” by car critic Doug DeMuro. He gave the Tesla Model Y a Doug Score of 68 out of 100, which placed it above competition like the 2019 Porsche Macan S, 2019 BMW X5, and even the Tesla Model X in DeMuro’s ratings.

Doug DeMuro thoroughly reviewed a Tesla Model Y Performance, including its quirks, features and driving performance. DeMuro spent some time covering Tesla’s unique infotainment system and its various tech features, including the company’s recently-updated driver-assist system called Autopilot. DeMuro also spared some time for Tesla’s other tech features, like Sentry Mode, Camp Mode, Dog Mode, and various uses for the steering wheel dials.

However, most of the Model Y’s tech features can be found in other Tesla vehicles, like the Model 3 or the Model X. So it is unlikely that these tech features are the main draw of the Model Y. Based on DeMuro’s review, the Model Y will make a “big splash” in the global auto industry because it is an SUV Crossover. He stressed that the SUV Crossover category has become and will be a big part of the auto industry in the future—if it hasn’t already.

“I think it’s the best combination of Tesla so far, which was why I’m so into it. I like the Model 3, but like most people, I have kind of gotten more and more into SUVs. I have a bunch of them myself. This is where the market is headed,” DeMuro said.

“And so this car isn’t as splashy as when the Model 3 came out or when the S came out or when the Roadster is going to come out in the sense that it doesn’t blaze a totally uncharted territory. But by entering this new segment, it’s a different world, especially when the third row comes out, and people are able to use this as a realistically practical, you know, minivan replacement,” he explained further.

Elon Musk predicted that Tesla could sell more Model Y vehicles than the Models S, 3, and X combined. Based on recent trends in the global auto market, Musk may be right.

According to a report called The Rise of the SUV - Thematic Research, consumers are moving away from traditional sedans and towards sports utility vehicles (SUVs). Based on the report’s statistics, the market share of SUVs increased from 45% in 2012 to almost 65% in 2018 in the United States alone. While in China, SUV sales rose by an astounding 600% from 2010 to 2018.

The same report suggested that the SUV segment’s gains were threatened by stricter vehicle emission targets from governments all over the world. As an all-electric SUV, however, Tesla’s Model Y isn’t bound by stringent carbon emissions targets. If any, stricter rules on emissions help Tesla’s overall mission and will likely boost Model Y demand.

Featured Image Credit: Doug DeMuro/YouTube

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