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Tesla FSD + AP Aces 350mi Trip with Zero Interventions

Tesla FSD + AP Aces 350mi Trip with Zero Interventions

Photo: Whole Mars Catalog/YouTube

Tesla vehicles that have gained access to FSD Beta show impressive capabilities. They allow vehicles to drive without driver intervention, navigate difficult sections of the road, make difficult turns in busy streets, and avoid collisions with objects that suddenly appear on the road.

Already, Tesla vehicles that use Autopilot are 10 times safer than other vehicles that are driven by humans. The use of FSD is likely to further increase this gap, and make driving a car as safe as possible.

The main task of FSD is to deliver passengers from point A to point B without the intervention of a human driver in the driving process. This will free up a lot of the time and energy that people now spend driving. FSD Beta seems to be showing excellent results in achieving full self-driving.

The owner of FSD Beta Whole Mars Catalog/YouTube shared a video in which he made a six-hour journey with absolutely zero human driving. In the description, he indicated that he was traveling from Los Angeles to Silicon Valley without any intervention. The car started at SpaceX's Los Angeles (Hawthorne) headquarters and arrived in San Jose. Along the way, there was one stop at Kettleman City to recharge, which required about one minute 15 seconds of human control, over a six-hour drive.

The Whole Mars Catalog emphasizes that the fact that FSD Beta made the trip without driver intervention suggests that it was more than just luck. He also pointed out that, at the moment, FSD Beta is not yet perfect and makes some mistakes, but nevertheless, the software is getting better, and the quality of the function is already much higher than it was before.

Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that, before Tesla's FSD reaches Level 5 autonomy, it will need a series of updates that will improve it. Watching such videos, one gets the impression that this will be achieved in the near future. A few months ago, no one could even imagine that a car could drive six hours without driver intervention, but now it has become a new reality.

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