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Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y Gets 'Bioweapon Defense Mode' with HEPA Filter

Tesla Giga Shanghai Model Y Gets 'Bioweapon Defense Mode' with HEPA Filter

Photo: u/liuhanshu2000/Reddit

The Tesla HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode have repeatedly proven their usefulness, and even vital necessity. Until recently, only the Model S and Model X had an air-cleaning feature, but this has changed recently. The HEPA filter and thus the Bioweapon Defense Mode are now available in the China-made Model Y.

Rumors that the Model Y will receive a HEPA filter have been circulating in the Tesla community for some time now. In October 2020, hacker @greentheonly/Twitter noticed an update in the code, and saw that the car would receive a HEPA filter, and Bioweapon Defense Mode. While Model Y was due to receive new filters, he pointed out that Model 3 likely wouldn't receive them for now.

In early December, people familiar with the matter told Tesmanian that the updated 2021 Model Y, which began production in late 2020, will definitely receive Bioweapon Defense Mode, although details on how it will be activated were not available.

Now, Reddit user u/xiaoteshushu reports that he found a HEPA filter in his Model Y. He described and showed using a photo that the filters are installed at the top of the frunk, which makes them easier to access. Also, in a comment to his post, xiaoteshushu said that the frunk size is the same as on Model Y, in which the filter is not installed.

Model Y HEPA filter, seems like as big as Model X. from r/teslamotors

Another Reddit user, u/liuhanshu2000, shared a photo demonstrating that he can activate Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Air quality in big cities can be very poor, which causes health problems for people. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the air, which can be saturated with pathogens, very dangerous. And it is the HEPA Filter and Bioweapon Defense Mode that can significantly improve the quality of life for Tesla owners. The principle of operation of Bioweapon Defense Mode is simple: it uses a HEPA filter to condition the air inside the vehicle. HEPA is a high-performance molecular air filter whose efficiency can reach more than 99.97%, which allows to effectively filter pollutants such as smoke, dust, and bacteria. The stronger the filterability, the smaller the air intake per unit area. To ensure adequate air supply, the Tesla HEPA filter element is quite large.

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