Tesla FSD Beta Offers New Modes to Choose the Driving Style

by Eva Fox January 10, 2022

Tesla FSD Beta Offers New Modes to Choose the Driving Style

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Tesla FSD beta provides new driving “profiles” for how the car will act while driving. Drivers can now select from the “Chill,” “Average,” and “Assertive” modes to choose the driving style that is most comfortable for them.

The new FSD Beta update has brought many improvements and one of them is the emergence of a choice of driving style in which the car will ride. Drivers now have a choice of three styles: “Chill,” “Average,” and “Assertive,” to perfectly match the driving habits of drivers. This feature was previously available, but the company is blocking it in V10.3 in October.

FSD profiles affect how the car will react in various driving situations like “rolling stops, speed-based lane changes, following distance, and yellow light headway.” For example, the description for the “Assertive” profile indicates that the car will keep a shorter distance to the vehicle in front, perform more frequent lane changes, may perform rolling stops, and not exit passing lanes.

In “Chill” mode, the car will therefore drive more carefully: keep more distance from the vehicle in front and make fewer speed lane changes. In “Average” mode, the car will maintain a balance between “Chill” and “Assertive” driving, providing a comfortable driving style for a lot of drivers.

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