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Tesla Is Being Courted By Germany's Top Auto Lobbyist Group VDA


Tesla is being courted by Germany's top auto lobbyist group, the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). Newly appointed President of VDA, Hildegard Müller, talked about Tesla's invitation to join the lobbyist group in Germany once the EV company meets its requirements. 

Hildegard Müller has stated that she is open to inviting Tesla to join the VDA once the EV company starts producing vehicles in Germany, which is one of the requirements to be a member of the Association of the Automotive Industry. As such, Tesla Giga Berlin will be essential for the EV automaker to join Germany's top auto lobbyist group. 

Müller believes Elon Musk would be open to the invitation. "Anyone who knows Elon Musk knows that he is generally not considered to be reluctant to make a political contribution. And I'm looking forward to the discussion," she said about Tesla's CEO.

Hildegard Müller became the president of VDA this February, succeeding former Ford manager Bernhard Mattes. Her seemingly genuine desire to resolve disputes concerning the future of Germany's automotive industry may have been the reason for her appointment.

The future of the global automotive industry currently stands at a crossroads between maintaining the infrastructure and production of fossil fuel vehicles or turning towards the path that leads to electrification and EVs. 

The VDA made a statement on its official website which read: "Germany wants to be the lead supplier and lead market for electric mobility." The lobbyist group's page for electric mobility also noted that EVs filled a gap in the automobile market. So it is easy to see why the association has extended an invitation to Tesla--the company at the helm of the EV revolution.  


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The gap that electric vehicles fill could help the shrinking market for vehicles worldwide. According to Die Welt, the global market for automobiles has been dwindling for quite some time. For 2020, the global auto industry is expected to sell 74 million vehicles. In comparison, the last peak in the global automobile sector was in 2017 when 79.6 passenger vehicles were sold worldwide.

There is a downward trend in the automobile sector due to "a slowing global economy, reported StatistaThe economic state of the world is expected to negatively affect the demand for new vehicles worldwide. As the global economy continues to slow down, the demand for new vehicles is expected to decline. 

The dwindling global auto industry is just one of a few issues affecting the sector. However, Hildegard Müller decided to take up the mantle of VDA president in Germany during such a tumultuous and defining time in the global automobile industry and it seems she wants Tesla by her side while solving each issue.

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