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Tesla Model Y SUVs Spotted In Fremont Factory Ready For Delivery

by Claribelle Deveza February 28, 2020


A batch of Tesla Model Y SUVs was recently spotted on the grounds of the Fremont factory ready for delivery. The sighting of the all-electric crossovers bodes well for reservation holders, many of whom were likely expecting to take delivery of their Model Y later this year.

Images of the vehicles were posted on the Tesla Model Y Facebook group by member Noe Arribas. The pictures depicted long lines of Model Y vehicles, seemingly painted in blue or black, parked at the Fremont factory’s lot. Some white Model Y units were also present, and a number of the vehicles had their rear trunk hatch open.

During the fourth quarter Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk remarked that limited production of the Model Y had already begun in January. Musk noted that this was due to the headway made by Tesla’s engineering team, as well as the Model Y’s design itself, which is optimized for quick and efficient production. The company also shared images of the Model Y line in Fremont in its Q4 2019 Update Letter.


Credit: Noe Arribas/Facebook

Tesla has teased the first deliveries of the Model Y over the past few weeks. Apart from announcements at the latest Earnings Call, Tesla has also started sending confirmation emails to reservation holders, including those who ordered white interior for their vehicles. With this in mind, it appears that Tesla is building up to a Model Y ramp that is far more effective than the Model 3’s back in 2017.

The Model 3 ramp was very gradual, with Tesla starting with just the Long Range RWD option with black interior. The electric car maker kept up this option until it was comfortable enough to add other variants such as the Model 3 Performance. For the Model Y, Tesla seems to be at a point where it is confident enough to offer multiple options to customers and still deliver the vehicles on time. This bodes well for the Model Y program as a whole, including the one in China and the upcoming one in Germany.

Tesla announced the Model Y program in Giga Shanghai following the first public deliveries of the Model 3 last month. Based on the speed of the Model Y ramp in the United States, there is a good chance that Tesla China may start producing the locally-made version of the all-electric crossover sooner rather than later. Giga Berlin, on the other hand, will literally be starting with the Model Y program, hinting once more that the vehicle is designed for quick and efficient production.

As for the groups of Model Y sighted in the Fremont factory, they only suggest one thought. Customer deliveries of the Model Y are coming, and once they begin, they will likely continue for a very long time.

Featured Image Credit: Noe Arribas/Facebook

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