Tesla Gets Snubbed At Kansas City Auto Show So Owners Hold Their Own


Tesla was snubbed at the Kansas City Auto Show this weekend, so the local Tesla Motors Club held one of its own, right outside. The community-powered EV showcase will feature Tesla's lineup of vehicles, as well as test drives for anyone interested. 

The Kansas City Auto Show will be displaying an array of different vehicles during its event this weekend. There were the usual fossil-fuel cars, but there were also hybrids and even a few all-electric vehicles. 

However, Tesla was nowhere in sight. According to the organizers of the KC Auto Show, Tesla wasn’t invited because it adopted a different business model that didn’t include traditional car dealerships. 

“A Sales & Service Agreement with an automaker is the criteria to join the Association. Tesla’s business model does not include franchised dealerships; thus, they do not belong to the Associations,” stated the Kansas City Auto Dealers Association to KCTV 5 News.

Tesla vehicles are sold directly to customers. The EV automaker decided against car dealerships to reduce the prices of its next-gen cars. It could also be argued that Tesla vehicles are unique. As such, traditional car dealerships wouldn’t be equipped with the right knowledge to sell Tesla vehicles.


Credit: KCTV 5 News

The 2020 Kansas City Auto Show lasts from March 4 to 8 this year. “Hundreds of new vehicles all in one place, classic cars, food trucks, and a beer and wine garage, have come together for the event you’ve been waiting for all year, the Kansas City Auto Show. See the latest in innovation and styling while comparison shopping for SUVs, trucks, cars, vans, and crossovers from dozens of manufacturers. Climb into the driver’s seat, pop the hood, look in the trunk, and get your questions answered, all in a no-pressure environment. Then step outside and test drive a few of your favorites,” said the official website for the KC Auto Show.

There were indeed a lot of vehicles to see at the KC Auto Show from various brands, too, like Cadillac, Fita, and Dodge. In the advent of the EV revolution, hybrids and all-electric cars were there as well, except for Tesla. 

The presence of hybrid and—most significantly—all-electric vehicles at the KC Auto Show reveals how far the EV revolution has come. Electric-powered cars have not become viable options for people interested in buying a new car. Tesla revived the EV Revolution—even though a lot of people will deny it. 

Tesla continues to be the single automaker in the United States that has wholly invested in EV production and continues to challenge OEMs loyalty to fossil-fueled cars. So for Tesla to be unrepresented during the KC Auto Show or any car shows that include EVs or any new-energy vehicle can only be perceived as a snub. Without Tesla, new-energy vehicles, specifically battery electric vehicles (BEV), would probably not even be sold to the general public.

The Kansas City Tesla Motors Club is aware of the company’s contribution to the EV revolution, which may be why it is holding a makeshift auto show outside the KC Auto Show. Ken Smiley, the President of the KC Tesla Motors Club, along with other Tesla enthusiasts, have stated that they will be displaying all of the EV automaker’s vehicles and offer test drives too. 

Featured Image Credit: KCTV 5 News

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