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Tesla Is Stronger and More Competitive Advantaged, Says James Anderson

Tesla Is Stronger and More Competitive Advantaged,  Says James Anderson

James Anderson, partner and portfolio manager at Baillie Gifford & Co., is a big fan of Elon Musk's Tesla.

His fund, the UK's biggest investment trust, is one of the electric car maker's top shareholders. And there is a large and growing possibility, he has claimed, that Tesla will one day become "the most valuable company in the world."

On March 5, Anderson visited "Bloomberg Markets" and discussed with Ed Hammond, technology stocks including Tesla Inc.. He said that Tesla is actually stronger and competitive advantaged than many others. He also said that he doesn't have a specifically set selling price for the TSLA shares, since there are more important points than this.

Rising stock prices show that the company is winning in a very large area. But Tesla is a leader not only in the automotive industry, it is also rapidly developing in the solar business and other areas. That is why, at the moment there is no reason to sell.

Anderson's gaze shows us the need to soberly evaluate Tesla. The company, which publishes two quarterly earnings in a row, achieves record production, opens a factory in China and can greatly benefit from the upcoming electric car revolution, is definitely credible.

Despite the fact that traditional car manufacturers are trying to make electric cars, which they boldly call Tesla’s rivals (“Tesla killer”), many analysts say that none of them can compare with the power or capabilities of California car makers.

Or, as Anderson said: "These companies cannot compete with what Tesla is doing."

At the moment, it is worth noting that Tesla, which produced about 370,000 cars last year, costs more than three times as much as General Motors, which produces about 10 million cars a year.

Anderson foundation seeks to invest in the most disruptive technology companies at an early stage and is ready to stick to them for a long time.

He told Citywire in 2018: "Our view is that the point of equity capital markets is to provide serious amounts of capital for the long term, for projects that are for the good and that are driving forward our societies and economies. That is what Tesla is doing."

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