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Tesla Giga Berlin Speed Continues to Stun as Construction of the Outer Shell Nears Completion

Tesla Giga Berlin Speed Continues to Stun as Construction of the Outer Shell Nears Completion

Image source: the_wolfpack_berlin/YouTube

The construction of the outer shell of Giga Berlin is already nearing completion. Now work has begun on clearing industrial wood, internal work in some shops, and installation of equipment.

In late October, the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection announced that the State Environmental Administration issued Tesla a permit to clear the forest. The area to be cleared is 82.8 ha.

Source: the_wolfpack_berlin/YouTube

According to the ministry, the volume of clearance area described in Tesla's application filed at the end of August 2020 has been reduced several times due to new construction measurements and directions, which are absolutely necessary.

Tesla has applied for permission to build pipeline and storage facilities that are now needed for further construction. According to the ministry, this includes extensive requirements for nature and species protection, as well as requirements for reforestation and forest improvement measures to be implemented in the state forest.

At this point, Tesla has already cleared the areas highlighted in red. The new resolution enables the company to clear areas that are highlighted in green. Areas highlighted in pale red will be cleaned up later.

Just a few days ago, the State Environmental Agency authorized Tesla to begin installing equipment in the Paint Shop. In connection with obtaining preliminary approval for the further construction of the Paint Shop, Tesla is now allowed to install equipment that has been on the construction site and in warehouses nearby for some time.

Source: the_wolfpack_berlin/YouTube

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

As a whole, all the buildings are already almost complete, and the interior work will begin soon.

Source: the_wolfpack_berlin/YouTube

And now, internal work has already begun in the Drive Unit. Recently leaked photos indicate that the building will soon be ready to install equipment.


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