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Tesla Giga Berlin Has Received Early Permission to Install Equipment in the Paint Shop as Construction Speeds Ahead

Tesla Giga Berlin Has Received Early Permission to Install Equipment in the Paint Shop as Construction Speeds Ahead

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The State Environmental Agency has authorized Tesla to begin installing equipment in the Paint Shop at Gigafactory Berlin. The permit is issued on the basis of early approval in accordance with Section 8a of the Federal Emission Control Act, and will be conducted by Tesla at its own risk.

An application for early permission to install equipment in the Paint Shop was submitted at the end of August. However, since it concerns work in the water protection zone, and chemicals will be used there, the consideration of the application was very extensive and detailed.

According to the permit, all containers must be either double-walled or located in a large enough collection area. Since the construction of the plant takes place in the existing structures, and the new territories are not used, no additional environmental requirements are required.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, an exemption from the ban on night work has been permitted so that work can be carried out with respect to distance and hygiene requirements.

In connection with obtaining preliminary approval for the further construction of the Paint Shop, Tesla is now allowed to install equipment that has been on the construction site and in warehouses nearby for some time.

The equipment for the world's most advanced paint shop will be supplied by Geico Taikisha. Geico is a world leader in the design and construction of turnkey automated auto body paint shops. The Smart Paintshop by Geico revolutionizes auto body paintshops with innovative and energy-efficient 4.0 technologies. It received the SurCar Cannes Innovation Award for the best research and innovation worldwide.

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