Tesla Giga Berlin Can Finish Some Exterior Constructions In Autumn, Says Germany Minister

by Eva Fox June 10, 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin Can Finish Some Exterior Constructions In Autumn, Says Germany Minister

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According to the government of Brandenburg, the construction of Tesla Giga Berlin is progressing rapidly and we will be able to see the exterior of the building in the fall.

Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach suggests, that the project will be approved. “It all depends on the quality of the documents submitted,” Steinbach said on Wednesday at the Economic Committee of the State Parliament in Potsdam. If everything is “in place”, he will not rule out that “something like a shell” can already be seen in September. He rejected the AfD faction's call for freezing construction.

Tesla promotes construction work at your own risk, because all environmental approval has not yet been accepted. Tesla filed a revised application for environmental approval in Brandenburg in order to obtain permission to build the building on stilts.

Source: Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg / YouTube

The Minister of Economics commented that Tesla, without obtaining special permission, conducted a test of piles. In his opinion, accurate calculation, through testing, is more responsible than simply applying for an indefinite number of piles that may not be needed.

The Minister suggests that the project will be approved in accordance with the federal law on pollution control. With new documents, he said it was even easier to imagine than before. Tesla reduced its planned water consumption by one third.

The government wants to publish Tesla's revised application online. This will give residents the right to again object to the changes. According to Steinbach, the discussion should take place in early September.

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