Tesla Sales In Germany Will Benefit With New €7,500 Incentive Starting July 1st

Tesla Sales In Germany Will Benefit With New €7,500 Incentive Starting July 1st

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In an economic stimulus package, the German government decided to promote electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Incentives for buying EVs are growing, they depend on the drive, price and condition. All Tesla models sold in Germany receive €7,500 incentives to purchase.

The federal government recently approved new car bonuses. The automotive industry was heavily affected by broken supply chains and restrained customer behavior. To help the industry, the federal government decided, among other things, to increase incentives for buying - not for all cars, but only for models that are fully or partially driven by electric motors.

Where the state has so far subsidized up to €3,000, an incentives of up to €6,000 will be paid to buyers of electric vehicles by the end of next year. At the moment, incentives for an electric car are possible up to €9,000.

For a new car full EV up to a net price of €40,000 the state provides 3,000 euros, and the manufacturer - €3,000, total €6,000. The federal government has now increased the incentives up to €6,000 by December 31, 2021, without requiring the same from the manufacturer - a total of up to €9,000.

New electric cars with a net nominal price of more than €40,000, such as all Tesla models sold in Germany, will receive incentives in the amount of €7,500 from July 1.

In light of these events, there is every reason to believe that this and next year Tesla will become the most popular car on the German market.

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