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Tesla Giga Berlin Continues Construction Work After Recently Obtained Preliminary Permits

Tesla Giga Berlin Continues Construction Work After Recently Obtained Preliminary Permits

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Tesla continues active construction work immediately after new preliminary permits were obtained. New footage from drone flights over Giga Berlin shows that the company has already begun clearing and leveling the new site, and preparations have begun for pipe-laying.

On March 31, the Brandenburg State Environmental Agency granted Tesla a permit that allows work to continue on 80 hectares of land that has recently been cleared of trees. The new permit allows for the early commencement of excavation work on the company's territory. The permit includes removal of topsoil to a depth of 0.3 meters (1ft) and leveling of soil in already cleared areas.

At the moment, the entire area has already been cleared of roots and the removal of the top layer of forest soil, which is not suitable for the placement of buildings, is progressing. After this process is complete, the land will be compacted and prepared for the next stage.

On April 13, Tesla received its twelfth pre-approval permit, which allows it to lay pipes for sewage and rainwater, as well as for power lines. These pipes would run above the groundwater level on the Giga Berlin premises. The permit states that Tesla must comply with special design and material quality requirements for pipes as they will be installed in a drinking water protection zone. Furthermore, the pipelines must be installed by a qualified specialist company. And finally, the construction process must be monitored by an independent company for environmental protection with a particular focus on water pollution.

At the moment, Tesla is actively preparing for the pipe-laying process. A lot of large-diameter pipes have already been prepared and are located around the perimeter of the building, and in some places, excavation works have begun. The preparation of the infiltration basin has also begun, which is used to control stormwater runoff and prevent flooding and soil erosion.

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