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Tesla Giga Berlin Took Delivery of Heavy Equipment for the World’s Most Advanced Paint Shop

Tesla Giga Berlin Took Delivery of Heavy Equipment for the World’s Most Advanced Paint Shop

Photo: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

Tesla Giga Berlin will get the world's most advanced paint shop. Using the new painting technology, Tesla cars will have a special, attractive, and lively look. Giga Berlin will have an advanced paint shop, which will be able to apply paint in three layers. Several layers of paint give the color a realistic depth, which makes the colors brighter than possible with traditional paint systems. Heavy equipment arrived at the paint shop yesterday, whigh will be used to achieve this ultra high-quality result.

On January 25, late in the evening, @gigafactory_4/Twitter noticed activity near Tesla's warehouses, where the company has the equipment to be installed in the factory. The truck was loaded with a huge Geico Taikisha paint dipping tank. Accompanied by a police convoy, the equipment was delivered to the territory of Giga Berlin.

In early December, the State Environmental Agency authorized Tesla to begin installing equipment in the Paint Shop at Gigafactory Berlin. The permit is issued on the basis of early approval in accordance with Section 8a of the Federal Emission Control Act, and will be conducted by Tesla at its own risk.

The equipment for the world's most advanced paint shop will be supplied by Geico Taikisha. Geico is a world leader in the design and construction of turnkey automated auto body paint shops. With the Pardis Project, launched in 2005, Geico Taikisha was the world’s first company to offer a zero environmental impact paint shop. The Smart Paintshop by Geico revolutionizes auto body paint shops with innovative and energy-efficient 4.0 technologies. It received the SurCar Cannes Innovation Award for the best research and innovation worldwide.

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