Tesla Raises its Flag in Israel, Placing its Famous Logo on New Modern Complex

by Eva Fox January 26, 2021

Tesla Raises its Flag in Israel, Placing its Famous Logo on New Modern Complex

Photos: Rotter

At the end of last week, Tesla raised its flag in Israel, placing its famous logo on a new modern complex at 32 Efal Street in the Kiryat Arye industrial zone in Petah Tikva. Now the company is located in the country not only according to documents but also with a physical representative office.

Anyone who drives along Route 4 between Petah Tikva in the east and Pardes Katz in the west can clearly see the red Tesla logo, which symbolizes the company's arrival in Israel. Israeli online edition Rotter visited the new complex and shared photos.

In mid-October 2020, Tesla was just starting negotiations with the developer about construction, and as of mid-January, the building was completed. At the moment, internal work is underway. The result that can be seen today is a demonstration that Tesla works in a systematic, orderly manner, and builds its sales and service system in Israel.

Tesla has built an all-new complex that will serve as a service center, showroom, and office. The complex includes internal driveways to the garage and service areas, wide entrance doors for vehicles, and a large lobby that can also be used for showcasing vehicles.

The complex consists of three floors, which, in addition to the service center and showrooms, have ample space for management, service, and sales offices. This layout, of course, meets all the requirements for importers set by the Israeli Ministry of Transport.

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