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Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Production of Model Y with BYD Batteries: Report

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Production of Model Y with BYD Batteries: Report

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Tesla Giga Berlin has started production of the base Model Y RWD with a structural battery pack, according to the report. For them, the company uses batteries from BYD, for which permission was obtained in the summer of 2022.

Tesla's European factory continues to ramp up production and, according to inside information obtained by, has begun production of the base Model Y RWD. On the company's website for the German market, the car costs 44,890 euros. The range is 455 km (283 mi). Estimated delivery date is May-June 2023. Production started this week, which means the first customers will receive their vehicles soon. Previously, the base Model Y was delivered only from China.m, and the cars were equipped with CATL LFP batteries.

According to the information, Giga Berlin-made Model Ys come with a structural battery pack. By using front and rear single casts, the battery becomes part of the supporting structure. For now, the batteries for the German-made Model Y RWD will not be made by Tesla itself, but by BYD in China.

In August last year, it became known that the Model Y with batteries from BYD received the approval of the type from the EU. The permit was issued by the Dutch authority RDW on July 1, 2022. Documents refer to the new Model Y variant as the Type 005, and internally as the Y7CR variant. The BYD battery capacity was rated at 55 kilowatt-hours, providing a range of 440 kilometers (273 miles).

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