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Tesla Introduces Model S Plaid Track Package

Tesla Introduces Model S Plaid Track Package

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Tesla teases the Model S Plaid Track Package, coming soon. Thanks to this package, the car will receive even more impressive performance, preparing it for the track as much as possible.

Tesla Model S Plaid is an impressive vehicle. This family sedan is able to provide not only the highest comfort but a whole new level of performance on the track. To further delight its customers, Tesla has announced that it will be introducing the “Track Package.”

The video shows a Model S Plaid moving smoothly and quickly on the track. Immediately striking is the dashboard, which displays important performance indicators. This is very important as some owners use the car for racing and now have convenient quick access to information. In addition, we can see that the speed reaches 322 km/ h (200 miles per hour), but with the new package, the car is capable of more.

After the video was posted, the “Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package” was added to the Tesla store. The company indicated that the estimated delivery date is June this year. The upgrade kit is offered at prices ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 in the US, depending on options selected.

The package includes a massive upgrade to the vehicle's braking system. The upgraded calipers and rotors are designed to take on the incredible heat and stopping power required on the track. These include two six-piston front calipers, two four-piston rear calipers, a complete set of performance brake pads, two 40mm front carbon ceramic rotors, two 38mm rear rotors, and track-ready brake fluid.

In addition, the Track Package includes a complete set of Goodyear ready-to-use tires. The company wrote, Goodyear's “Supercar 3R tires optimized for performance and track usage.” These tires should be mounted on a new set of Zero G wheels. Tires and wheels can also be purchased separately for $6,000.

The Package can be installed on 2021 Model S Plaid and newer. The Track Package unlocks speeds above 200 mph.

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