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Tesla Giga Berlin Increases Workers at the Site As Construction Moves Forward

Tesla Giga Berlin Increases Workers at the  Site As Construction Moves Forward

Featured image: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

The construction of Tesla Giga Berlin is advancing rapidly and now, on the site, an obvious result is noticeable. New containers continue to arrive at the construction site, which indicates that the number of builders employed at the facility is increasing. 

Last week, Tesla presented new documents for a planned factory near Berlin, according to the State Department of the Environment. These documents differ from those presented in December 2019.

Major changes include:

  • support by piles of some parts of the foundation;
  • reduction of water consumption by the plant;
  • a change in the overall design of the factory, thanks to which the space will be used better than previously planned.

The State Environmental Agency is currently considering new documents. After that, they should be publicly displayed at the State Environmental Agency in Frankfurt (Oder), in the municipalities of Grünheide and Spreenhagen and in the city of Erkner, and also published on the Internet.

So far, Giga Berlin's revised factory design has not been revealed. Based on the original design Tesla submitted, Giga Berlin seemed similar to Giga Shanghai factory design. However, since Giga Berlin's first design was sent to the State Environment Agency, Tesla may have already discovered ways to optimize vehicle production, especially for the Model Y.

Meanwhile, according to Tobias Lindh / Twitter, today new containers arrived at the construction site.

As additional containers arrived, this means that the number of workers is increasing. This, in turn, indicates that the construction of Giga Berlin continues to pick up pace.

At the moment, the only factory that was being built at the same rapid pace is Giga Shanghai, but Giga Berlin, at the moment, is already surpassing it in construction speed. According to Brandenburg Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach “something like a shell” can already be seen in September.

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