Tesla Provides In-Car Payment Option For Your Supercharging [Video]

by Eva Fox June 16, 2020

Tesla Provides In-Car Payment Option For Your Supercharging [Video]

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All Tesla users know that by connecting your credit card to Tesla account, you can easily, quickly and conveniently pay for a charging session on Tesla Supercharger. But this method can be inconvenient and not suitable for those who do not own a car. Tesla has now added a new way that allows drivers to pay using only the car display. 

Drive Tesla Canada reports that Ryan Levenson / Twitter contacted them and said that a new payment method appears when you do not have a saved payment method in your account. Instead, a new button pops up on your display, ‘Payment Method Requested’, where you can enter your credit card information, and then click the “PAY NOW” button.

Levenson also shared with them a video of how this actually happens. The whole process took him about 30 seconds.

Thus, Tesla can charge a fee once without specifying a payment method, but future Supercharging sessions will be cut off. This is a one-time payment, and information about a new credit card is not stored in your Tesla account.

The new way makes using the Tesla’s future Robotaxi network more real. So, a person who takes a car can charge it without any problems, simply by paying with his credit card, and without fear that the card information will remain available to other car users.

Tesla is increasingly preparing its cars for the launch of Robotaxi. The traditional conception of a robotaxi service is based on the business model of today, only with the driver taken out of the equation. Tesla, however, envisions a distributed network of personally owned vehicles sent out to perform taxi work when not in use by their owners.

H/T @DriveTeslaca / Twitter

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