Rumor: Tesla Is Gearing Up for Earlier than Expected Cybertruck Production

Rumor: Tesla Is Gearing Up for Earlier than Expected Cybertruck Production

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In an effort to bring Cybertruck to market as soon as possible, Tesla is preparing the pilot production line and planning details for its production at the Fremont factory. Once all the equipment is installed at Giga Texas, a trained, ready-for-work team will immediately begin production from June 2021.

It seems Tesla is in a hurry to please its customers with the fastest possible market launch of the cult Cybertruck. Tesla's electric pickup truck has garnered a lot of attention, and its pre-orders have long since surpassed 700,000 (according to unofficial figures). This would surely stimulate the company to start producing it as soon as Giga Texas is built.

According to information leaked from Tesla, the company is currently focused on building the pilot production line at the Fremont factory. In addition, the company is planning all the details of how the line will operate, which will save several months of time before production starts at Giga Texas. The point is that the team must learn how to properly operate the equipment and acquire the necessary knowledge about the production process. Typically, such training can take from several weeks to months, however Tesla will do it even before the production equipment is installed at Giga Texas.

In addition, the team currently undergoing training was asked to arrive in Texas in June to begin work. This means that at least a trial production of Cybertruck can begin as early as June 2021, which means that the first deliveries could occur in Q3 of this year. Even if mass production only begins in Q4, it still means that the company will manage to deliver several batches of Cybertruck, which could have a significant impact on the financial results for 2021.

This information has been confirmed by several members from the Tesla Cybertruck production team.

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