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Tesla Giga Berlin Paints Model Y in Deep Crimson, Leaked Photos Show

Tesla Giga Berlin Paints Model Y in Deep Crimson, Leaked Photos Show

Photo: Sawyer Merritt/Twitter

Tesla Giga Berlin and Giga Texas will be equipped with the world's most advanced paint shop. Thanks to the new painting technology, the cars produced there will have a special, attractive and lively look. With the start of production at Giga Berlin, Tesla will introduce three new colors, and now, new photos have leaked of the Deep Crimson color.

Sawyer Merritt/Twitter, who often shares leaked information about Tesla, posted a photo of Model Y painted in Deep Crimson. Although he did not reveal where this photo was taken, it can be assumed that the car was produced at Giga Berlin and painted in its advanced paint shop. Obviously, the photo does not convey the real color, and especially its depth, but nevertheless gives an idea of ​​it.

Elon Musk first mentioned Giga Berlin's revolutionary paint shop in an episode of Third Row Tesla Podcast. He seemed very excited about it. He told the members of Third Row that Giga Berlin's paint shop would add three layers of paint to the cars the factory produced.

“In order to get dimension on paint, you really need multiple layers. We’re going to do this in Berlin for the first time. If you get dimension, there’s something called flop, where you see the change in color with curvature,” said Musk. “If you can do something like lay down a gloss layer, then lay down a layer with color tint, then lay down another gloss layer, you can get kind of a 3D feeling to the paint. It just pops. It's so much better than anything else.”

In addition to Deep Crimson, Giga Berlin will offer two more new colors, Abyss Blue Multi-coat and Mercury Silver Metallic. A body painted in Abyss Blue Multi-coat was spotted during the Giga Berlin launch party, which took place on October 9. Of course, the perception of color directly depends on the color rendering of the device's screen, but it seems that this is indeed a very deep color. On closer look, it seems really voluminous and multifaceted, as Musk previously mentioned.

Source: @Monst3rProo/Twitter

Mercury Silver Metallic has yet to be seen, however it is expected to be as deep and multifaceted as Deep Crimson and Abyss Blue Multi-coat.

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