Tesla Giga Berlin Produces First Test Model Ys with Structural Battery Pack & 4680 Cells

Tesla Giga Berlin Produces First Test Model Ys with Structural Battery Pack & 4680 Cells

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Tesla Giga Berlin produced the first test Model Ys with a structural battery pack and 4680 cells. Although it is not in mass production yet, the test samples indicate that the production line for these vehicles with the latest technology is ready.

Tesla Giga Berlin is currently partially closed for modernization. In early July, Tesmanian exclusively reported that, in addition to the planned increase in production capacity, Tesla will prepare production lines for the production of Model Y with a structural battery pack. Please note that Giga Berlin is not yet in a position to start manufacturing vehicles with 4680 batteries, as there is no battery production in place yet. However, when it becomes possible, the company wants the production lines to be ready to start production immediately.

Now Teslamag has received new exclusive information about the progress on the production line for this very special crossover EV. Its sources said the first test Model Ys with 4680 battery cells had rolled off the production line. Although mass production of the Model Y using this new technology will not begin until a few months from now, this is still very good news. This indicates that Tesla has been successful in modernizing the production line and is ready to start production with these new technologies as soon as the production of 4680 cells begins at the site.

Vehicle structure is a critical component of efficiency and performance—a component that Tesla is deeply focused on continuing to enhance. During Battery Day in 2020, the company announced that it will improve the design of its vehicles using a new battery architecture, utilizing a truly radical approach to manufacturing car parts.

With the new battery form factor, Tesla is able to minimize negative mass, thus increasing the density of the battery pack. The battery is then able to be positioned more efficiently, further reducing redundant structures within the packaging itself. The car's chassis, with two one-piece molded parts for the front and rear, allows the battery to be placed in the middle. As a result, this greatly simplifies production.

Also, centering the battery in the car increases safety. Now Tesla's cars can be even more protected from side impact. In addition, a centrally located battery enhances driving performance, namely agility. These improvements also result in a 10% weight reduction, a 14% increase in range, a significant reduction in the number of parts, and the overall increased structural integrity of the vehicle.

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