Tesla Giga Berlin Reduces the Number of Piles in Groundwater

by Eva Fox August 14, 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin Reduces the Number of Piles in Groundwater

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Tesla Giga Berlin will significantly reduce the number of concrete piles reaching groundwater. This decision was made due to the concerns of the local population and environmentalists.

During the construction of Giga Berlin, Tesla has repeatedly proven its flexibility and ability to compromise. This time, the company again listened to the concerns and reduced the number of piles reaching groundwater.

Tesla representatives announced an updated plan today during the Tesla Straße unveiling ceremony.

According to Tesla's representatives, now only the Press Shop will need piles, the Casting building will be built by a different method. "Only the press shop, but no longer the Casting, is built on piles."

This decision not only answers the concerns of environmentalists, fearing negative consequences for nature and groundwater but will also allow Tesla to cut costs significantly. The reduction of the 14-meters long concrete columns  will save Tesla millions of dollars.

At the moment, the final environmental permit from Brandenburg has not yet been received, so the company is building at their own risk. However, with prior approvals, Tesla has made incredible progress. Some buildings already have walls and roof installation has begun.


A Tesla spokesman said Giga Berlin could break the construction record of Giga Shanghai. Using the prefabricated construction method saves a lot of time. An important factor is the availability of a railway—allowing 1200 tons of building materials to be delivered at a time.

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