Tesla Giga Berlin Tests 3 Model Ys that Rolled Off Factory Production Floor

by Eva Fox November 18, 2021

Tesla Giga Berlin Tests 3 Model Ys that Rolled Off Factory Production Floor

Photo: Tobias Lindh/Twitter

Three Tesla Model Ys were seen rolling off the Giga Berlin factory production floor. The cars were later seen being tested on the track, which may indicate that they were manufactured in that factory. Production at Giga Berlin is expected to start before the end of 2021.

Three brand new Model Ys have been spotted leaving Tesla Giga Berlin. A Black, White, and Crimson Red Model Y drove out of the General Assembly building. This interesting video was shared by Tesla enthusiast Tobias Lindh/Twitter, who suggested that the cars were not necessarily produced at Giga Berlin.

However, all vehicles drove to the test site that was recently built at Giga Berlin and were tested on the track. If the cars were ready-made units sent from Giga Shanghai to calibrate production equipment, then they would not pass the test, since there would be no point in doing so. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that all three Model Ys were produced at Giga Berlin, and are probably the first test pieces to be produced on fully calibrated equipment. It should be kept in mind that these units may not be legal for driving on the roads.

This activity indicates that the factory is almost ready to start production and is currently awaiting final approval. It is expected to be received in the coming weeks after the results of the public discussion have been reviewed by the Ministry.

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