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Around 1000 Giga Shanghai-Made Tesla Cars Spotted in China Port Preparing for Shipment

Around 1000 Giga Shanghai-Made Tesla Cars Spotted in China Port Preparing for Shipment

Photo: @bentv_sh/Twitter

Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to ramp up production and shipments from the factory in Q4 2021. A number of ships have already delivered vehicles to ports around the world, while others are on their way to delivering Model 3 and Model Y to their owners this quarter. Nearly 1,000 China-made Tesla vehicles are found parked at a Shanghai port terminal, preparing for shipment.

Tesla’s plant in China is an extremely important asset for the company, as the expansion and build-up of production capacity there is proceeding at a very high rate. In October, the factory increased its production capacity again, although it did not operate for the entire 31 days due to the National Day of China, which caused the production to be suspended for seven working days. Last month's figures showed that Giga Shanghai could produce about 807,000 vehicles per year, which is really impressive.

Today, @bentv_sh/Twitter shared information that a large number of Tesla vehicles were found in a parking lot in the courtyard of the Waigaoqiao terminal in Shanghai. He also shared a photo of nearly 1,000 Tesla vehicles awaiting dispatch. Two vessels for transporting cars were also docked in the port. This indicated that Tesla vehicles would be loaded into them.

In early November, 12 ships were identified that were supposed to deliver Tesla vehicles to different countries, 10 of which were supposed to sail from Shanghai to Europe. However, there are currently already 18 identified ships from China in Q4, according to the data from @FMossotto/Twitter. While the vessels will not necessarily be fully loaded with Tesla vehicles alone, they will still carry tens of thousands of vehicles, definitely surpassing the previous record of deliveries.

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