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Tesla Giga Berlin Installs First Overhead Crane in 'Casting' Building, as Overall Gigafactory Shell Enters Home Stretch

Tesla Giga Berlin Installs First Overhead Crane in 'Casting' Building, as Overall Gigafactory Shell Enters Home Stretch

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The construction of Tesla Giga Berlin is progressing at a consistently rapid pace. Currently, there is particular focus on the Casting building. This building is anticipated to house eight giant casting machines--the so-called Giga Press--for the manufacturing of Model Y. It was recently noticed that the installation of the latest equipment has begun.

The first overhead crane was installed at Casting. Unlike mobile or construction cranes, overhead cranes are typically used for either manufacturing or maintenance applications, where efficiency or downtime are critical factors. The installed Tesla crane has a lifting capacity of 100 t/60 t.

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

However, the location of the crane--just above where the Giga Presses will be located--hints that it will be used to install the latest equipment that will be producing Tesla's revolutionary cars.

While the overhead crane has been installed on the south side of the building, the installation of the second on the north side is also starting. Now you can see that the installation of rails for the crane has started.

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

According to the revised application submitted by Tesla in early July, the company will install eight Giga Press machines for Model Y's underbody castings.

Giga Presses are a series of aluminum die casting machines manufactured by Idra Group in Italy. They are notable for being the largest, high-pressure die casting machines in the world, with a clamping force of 5,600 to 6,200 tonnes-force (55,000 to 61,000 kN). 6,100-tonne-force (60,000 kN) die casting machines were ordered for Giga Berlin.

Source: Tesla

Just a few days ago, Giga Berlin celebrated its first anniversary since the behemoth project was announced. In just one year, the company has made tremendous, stunning strides and is already on the home stretch in the construction of the shell of the building. This is a great success for the construction of any factory, especially considering that this is happening in Germany.


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