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Tesla Giga Berlin, The Largest Training Company in Brandenburg, Welcomes 140 New Trainees

Tesla Giga Berlin, The Largest Training Company in Brandenburg, Welcomes 140 New Trainees
Image: Jörg Steinbach

Tesla Giga Berlin is the largest training company in Brandenburg, Germany. The factory welcomes 140 new trainees in the new academic year, providing them with opportunities for learning and further development.

Tesla Giga Berlin opened a new training year. On Friday, the factory welcomed 140 trainees and dual education students. Thus, Tesla is not only the largest private job creation company in Brandenburg but also the largest training company. To mark this momentous day, Tesla introduced itself to newcomers on September 1 with an event at Giga Berlin.

“Learn, be fast, have fun!” Tesla greeted trainees.

Senior Director, Manufacturing Giga Berlin Andre Thierig recalled the start of Tesla three years ago when the company was just getting started: “Today there are more interns in the area than there were employees back then.” “Speed is what sets us apart,” he added. Thierig emphasized the flat hierarchy in the company, that everyone can contact anyone, “there are no business hours, no open days, because there are no doors.” On this team, students and trainers have the opportunity to “participate in things that are done for the first time in the world,” he added.

Jörg Steinbach, Minister of Economy of Brandenburg also joined the event. “Before Tesla, Brandenburg was pitied. Today the state is jealous. It's nice when people envy you,” he said in his speech. “You can write this story. You can proudly carry it in front of you.” “Keep your creative rebellion!” he added. The minister also noted Tesla's initiative in his post on X.

According to Tagesspiegel, two-thirds of the workforce at the factory are Berliners. However, the composition of the trainees is different: two-thirds come from Brandenburg and about one-third from Berlin. Tesla began its training program in 2021, in parallel with the construction of the factory. At that time, it had seven interns. There are 18 continuing education courses and nine dual-study courses already offered. Typically, dual studies at vocational schools in Fürstenwald and Frankfurt an der Oder take three years. But, this period can be reduced to two years.

Tesla is being praised by the employment agency and the state for creating vocational training opportunities that have not been seen before in East Brandenburg, said Jochem Freyer, head of the Federal Employment Agency in Frankfurt an der Oder. He expects that over the next few years, “not only young people from Berlin and Brandenburg will be training at Tesla, but also from other parts of Germany.”

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