Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Towing Trailer

Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Towing Trailer

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Tesla Cybertruck was spotted towing a trailer. At the moment, the company has not provided specifications for the pickup truck, so it is good to see that it can actually handle towing with ease.

Tesla Cybertruck is still a vehicle with mystery. While we have already seen its exterior and interior, the characteristics of the pickup truck remain unknown. Of course, you can take as a guide what Tesla advertised during the Cybertruck presentation, however, since then, a significant number of changes have been made to the truck, which will certainly affect what it can do.

While the final specs remain a mystery, we can now say with confidence that Cybertruck will handle towing with ease. @omg_tesla/X posted a series of videos a few hours ago confirming this. They were able to follow the Cybertruck for some time and film it from various angles. The video shows that the pickup truck goes smoothly and silently. However, it remains unknown if the trailer was loaded and, if so, how much it weighed. According to the information, the sighting was made along the Tesla factory in Fremont, California.

Also, @omg_tesla was able to make one more observation. Since the final size of Cybertruck has not yet been announced, consumers are interested to know what it will be. Previously seen at a Supercharger at Giga Texas, the pickup truck can be seen to fit fairly well in the allotted parking space. It was somewhat wider than the Model Y parked next to it, but much longer. Despite this, the Cybertruck did not create tension or interfere with nearby vehicles. @omg_tesla, who drove the Rivian R1T, also said he was able to do some size comparisons with the Cybertruck he rode next to. According to him, both pickup trucks are about the same size.

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