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Tesla Giga Berlin Update: General Assembly Building Construction & More

Tesla Giga Berlin Update: General Assembly Building Construction & More

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The popularity of Model Y continues to grow and Europeans are looking forward to ordering their own. This will be possible when the construction of Phase 1 of Giga Berlin is complete. Assessing the progress that the team has made in Grünheide, it can be assumed that the first Model Y made in Germany will roll off the assembly line ahead of schedule.

Previously, the construction of General Assembly proceeded at a relatively slow pace. In August and early September, the installation of pillars continued there, around which, eventually, the shell of the building will be assembled. However, after all the major Phase 1 buildings have made soldi progress and have taken shape, we will likely then see the focus of work shift to General Assembly.

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@Gf4Tesla/Twitter reports that the installation of roof structures on General Assembly has begun, marking another milestone in the building's construction. It was observed that, after the start of the installation of the roof structures, construction of all buildings on the site moved quickly thereafter.

The Tesla equipment will be supplied by SCHOLPP, a subsidiary just a few miles from Giga Berlin. SCHOLPP is available as an industrial transport and assembly service provider for all OEMs and industrial suppliers supplying machines and systems for Tesla's new factory in Germany. At SCHOLPP in Berlin there is a team of almost 80 project managers, project engineers, assembly managers, and specialist fitters who have significant experience in the automotive industry.


1. Transport, introduction into and assembly in the Tesla Press Shop:

  • Systems for the material forming such as mechanical or hydraulic presses for the production of automotive parts
  • Competence for all makes, types and components (housing, foundation, base plate, reel, press table, press tool, ram, table cushion, roller feed, cylinder, etc.)
  • Bringing in and assembling individual presses or complete press lines
  • Interlinking of presses via portal systems (movable loading systems, e.g. feeder and transfer)
  • Material transfer and material loading units (robots or linear motors)
  • Systems for material cutting (strip cutting system, coil shear, blank cutting system)

2. Transport, installation and assembly of components for Casting:

  • All systems for melting and shaping metals (industrial furnaces)
  • Melting furnaces of all types and makes (cupola furnace, electric arc furnace, induction furnace)

3. Introduction and assembly of production lines for Body in White construction:

  • Production plants for the manufacturing of bodies and body parts for electric automobiles
  • Competence and equipment for the transport and assembly of various joining technologies (gluing, laser welding, laser soldering, mechanical joining processes, spot welding)
  • Assembly of further processing systems and transport systems (ABB robots, workstations, folding systems, Kuka robots)



4. Construction and assembly of complete Paint Shop in the Tesla Gigafactory:

  • Assembly and installation of systems for painting electric vehicles
  • Competence for many makes and types of systems (Dürr, Eisenmann)

5. Transport, introduction and assembly of further production facilities:

  • Seat manufacturing and assembly
  • Manufacturing of drive systems and engine assembly
  • Final assembly and vehicle assembly 

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