Tesla Giga Berlin Could Start Mass Production in December: Report

by Eva Fox November 28, 2021

Tesla Giga Berlin Could Start Mass Production in December: Report

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Tesla Giga Berlin could start mass production in December. It is expected that in a few days the required permit will be issued by the Brandenburg State Environment Agency.

American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla may begin mass production in Grünheide near Berlin, Germany, in December. The branch newspaper "Automobilwoche," citing unnamed sources, reports that in the coming days it is expected to obtain the necessary permission from the Brandenburg State Environment Office. The permit is highly anticipated as it was originally expected to be received in July 2021. Nevertheless, the opponents of the factory, taking advantage of the peculiarities of the arrangement of the German apparatus, constantly complicated this process. Therefore, Tesla decided to add a battery factory to its automobile factory and go through the entire approval process for Phase 1, once, for all the workshops needed.

The publication's report indicates that, at the moment, Tesla has already built the first five Model Y units at Giga Berlin. Likely they are talking about those that were seen last week rolling out from the Giga Berlin factory production floor and later seen being tested on the track. According to the information, from the beginning of January, initially, 1,000 units per week will be produced, and production will be increased in the middle of the year. Automobilwoche estimates that Tesla could build around 30,000 Model Ys in the first half of the year.

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