Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model Y Performance Delivers in China with AMD Ryzen Processors & AMD GPUs

Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model Y Performance Delivers in China with AMD Ryzen Processors & AMD GPUs

Photo: @JayinShanghai/Twitter

Just a few days ago, Tesla officially announced the start of Model Y Performance deliveries in China. It has now been revealed that the vehicles are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors and AMD GPUs, the same as found in the 2021 Model S and Model X.

On November 25, Tesla China announced the official start of Model Y Performance deliveries, marking another milestone for the manufacturer in the world's largest automotive market. Now the first customers who have already taken delivery have shared hot details about the internals of the model. It was discovered that the new product is produced with a new generation processor and GPU.

According to a photo shared by @JayinShanghai/Twitter, Model Y Performance has an AMD Ryzen processor rather than an Intel Atom (as with the cars produced at the Fremont factory). In addition, Jay noted that the car has an AMD GPU.

Such innovative equipment is installed in the flagship refreshed Model S and Model X, as well as in their Plaid versions. AMD RDNA 2 architecture is used in many consumer devices such as the PlayStation 5 and ensures that gaming systems do not consume more power than they need to. Thus, Tesla cars will receive a powerful GPU, which will be ideal for use in an electric vehicle. Such a powerful GPU opens up completely new possibilities for the manufacturer. The ability to play games in the car is impressive, but the ability to include AAA games, like The Witcher or Cyberpunk can totally blow your mind.

In addition to amazing abilities that are perfect for gaming, now the Model Y infotainment system also gets even more performance. @zxk9523/Twitter shared a short video claiming that the system is now super smooth.

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