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Tesla Giga Shanghai Mind-Blowing Development Though Out The Last 18 Months (VR 360 View)

Tesla Giga Shanghai Mind-Blowing Development Though Out The Last 18 Months (VR 360 View)

Featured image: Uva Vision

Tesla Giga Shanghai continues to expand. Video from drones shows tremendous progress at the construction site. At the current rate of construction of Phase 2A, it can be assumed that the building could be completed by autumn, and the first Model Ys will be released in November.

The new production building for the assembly of the Model Y, as well as several smaller auxiliary buildings around, are developing rapidly. The exterior of Phase 2A seems ready and, according to earlier observations, Tesla has begun the installation of production equipment. Now, work has intensified near other buildings.

A new addition to the building where Model 3 is made is the stamping workshop, which is located at the end of the building, before the Battery pack assembly facility. The exterior of the building seems completed.

Next to Giga Shanghai’s Battery Facility is another new building. According to some information, this could be an Automotive Motor Workshop.

On the other side of Phase 2A (Production Building for Model Y) continues the construction of several buildings. According to Tesla's documents, these buildings will be commissioned in September. After completion of the casting shop in the lower part of the building and the motor workshop in the casting workshop of the lower part of the building, two inspection rooms will be created. A new set of an industrial X-ray defect detection system was added to each of them. Equipment will also be installed in the motor workshop for an industrial X-ray CT system.

To increase the level of localization of the supply chain as early as possible, Giga Shanghai decided to build a new project to improve the production process of parts, add new production processes, such as power batteries, electric drive assemblies, and casting with the integration of the lower part of the body at the existing plant.

Details of the location of buildings in Giga Shanghai VR 360 View can also be viewed at the link HERE.

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