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Tesla Giga Shanghai Construction Ramps Progress In Model Y Factory, Powertrain Facility & More

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Tesla Giga Shanghai continues the construction of the Model Y factory and other Phase 2 buildings, like an automotive motor workshop, stamping workshop, union station, and more. Tesla China seems to have moved past building Phase 2. While it is almost certain that Phase 2A will be the Model Y factory, Phase 2B’s purpose is still unclear. And now there are several other buildings in the middle of construction.

Tesla Giga Shanghai’s Model Y Factory

The MIC Model Y Factory’s shell seems finished. According to a previous Tesmanian report, Tesla China already ordered the machinery for MIC Model Y production from Miracle Automation.

One of the machines that may be found in Giga Shanghai could be Tesla’s bespoke Giga Press or OL 6100 CS from IDRA Group. Known as the world’s largest aluminum die-casting machine, Tesla’s OL 6100 CS is poised to produce the Model Y’s rear underbody structure in one piece as opposed to two separate pieces.

Construction on Phase 2A has been moving slightly faster than the rest of the work in Giga Shanghai’s expansion. Now that the shell has been finished—or nearly completed—it seems construction on several other buildings has begun. 

Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 Factory Expansion

One interesting new addition to the MIC Model 3 Factory was a Stamping Workshop. Based on the orientation of Giga Shanghai, the Stamping Workshop seems to be at the end of the Model 3 Factory before the Battery pack assembly facility. There is a bridge connecting it to the Model Y Factory. 

Tesla China has not confirmed the purposes of any of the new buildings yet. However, if Wuwa Vision is correct about the Stamping Workshop, it could mean that Tesla China might use the OL 6100 CS for the MIC Model 3 as well. 

The move would make sense for Tesla. The Model 3 and Model Y share 70% to 75% of their components, and using the Giga Press could be a way to reduce production costs and improve the quality of both cars. 


Credit: WuWa Vision/YouTube

Automotive Motor Workshop

Another new building can be found right next to Giga Shanghai’s Battery Facility. Tesla featured its Battery Module & Pack Factory in its Q1 2020 Update. Next to the Battery Facility construction is in progress on a building that Wuwa Vision claimed was an Automotive Motor Workshop. 

Giga Shanghai’s on-going construction on an Automotive Motor Workshop hints that Tesla is indeed working on localizing its supply chain to improve its gross margin as TSLA CFO Zachary Kirkhorn forecasted in the Q1 2020 Earnings Call. 

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