Tesla Max Battery Size Increases To 205kWh In Software, Hints At Cybertruck & Roadster 2.0 Production Preparation


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Tesla may have increased its maximum battery size to 205kWh in its software. Veteran Tesla owner Bjørn Nyland updated his Model 3’s software to update 2020.20.12 recently and noticed that some values didn’t seem normal. Some of the values hinted that Tesla might have increased its maximum battery size. 

After updating his car’s software, he noticed that most of the Tesla app values were correct except for a few key categories. For instance, the State of Charge on his Model 3 read that it was at 5%, but it was actually at 74%.

Nyland speculated that the values were off because Tesla used 10-bit packages before, but with the recent update, the company had shifted to 11-bit. He pointed to the Nominal Full Pack value in his app, which read 72.6kWh, which he said was correct, but observed that the Nominal Remaining Value, which read 6.80kWh, was incorrect. 

“If I have 74% [SOC], I should have at least 60kWh remaining or something or 50 something…So you see, all these numbers now have been shifted, tilted one bit forward. Because instead of representing nominal full pack with 10-bit, [Tesla] suddenly used 11-bit,” he explained. 

“…With 10-bit, you can represent up to 1,024, which is the highest number, and then they have a point one precision on the capacity. So it means that up until now, it was able to represent 102.4kWh. With 11-bits, you now represent double…almost 205…204.8kWh.”

Based on his assumption, Nyland assumed that Tesla could be preparing for a bigger battery pack, which he speculated might be for the Cybertruck or the Roadster 2.0. Most of Nyland’s viewers seem to agree with his speculation. 

Both the Cybertruck and the Roadster 2.0 need bigger battery packs than the ones utilized by Tesla today in its Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. In the Roadster 2.0’s case, Elon Musk did say in its unveiling that it would have a 200kWh battery pack. However, that was three years ago. 

It is more likely that Tesla is preparing for Cybertruck production, specifically the tri-motor variant. During Musk’s interview with Joe Rogan in May, Tesla’s CEO said that Cybertruck production would start before the Roadster 2.0. And as it stands, Tesla is in the middle of looking for a Cybertruck and Model Y factory.

As of this writing, Tesla hasn’t said anything about a 200kWh battery pack recently. Hopefully, Tesla Battery Day will shed some light on Nydland’s prediction along with the production of the Cybertruck and Roadster 2.0.

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