Tesla Giga Shanghai in Plaid Mode: Thousands of Vehicles Ready to Ship

Tesla Giga Shanghai in Plaid Mode: Thousands of Vehicles Ready to Ship

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Production at Tesla Giga Shanghai is in Plaid mode. Having significantly increased production in June, the factory does not slow down. Now, thousands of vehicles have been spotted in the port of Shanghai, ready to ship.

Tesla never ceases to amaze. During a very difficult Q2, when Giga Shanghai was experiencing serious production problems due to the COVID-19 lockdown, Tesla China did an excellent job, taking the factory's production to a new high level. So in June, Giga Shanghai delivered 78,906 vehicles, reaching an absolute record. This also means that the factory was producing over 2,630 cars daily, or over 1.8 cars every minute. This is 11% more than the previous record set in December 2021 of 70,847 vehicles. This high figure also shows that Giga Shanghai delivered 138% more vehicles, compared to 33,155 units a year ago.

Giga Shanghai produces thousands of cars every day to ship all over the world. @bentv_sh/YouTube spotted thousands of vehicles at Luchao Port Nangang Pier. According to his information, they are all Model 3 and will be sent to Europe. Obviously, Q3 is going to be very strong for Tesla. @SawyerMerritt/Twitter counts that there are about 3,300 vehicles in the parking lot and trucks are constantly bringing in new shipments that are unloaded at the terminal.

Obviously, the complexities only strengthen Tesla in China, as the business is run by exceptional executives. After the next upgrade in July, Giga Shanghai should start producing about 86,000 vehicles per month, which will have a significant impact on delivery rates in 2022 and help offset losses due to the COVID-19 lockdown in China. Model Y production is expected to increase to 14,000 units per week and Model 3 production to 7,700 units per week. This also means that Giga Shanghai will reach a production capacity of around 1 million vehicles per year.

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