Two Tesla Semis Spotted in California Possibly Testing Convoy Mode

Two Tesla Semis Spotted in California Possibly Testing Convoy Mode

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Two Tesla Semis were spotted in California heading west. Since the two trucks were following one another, there is a possibility that they tested Convoy Mode.

The start of mass production of Tesla Semi is getting closer and, according to Elon Musk, should begin in 2023. The world probably would have seen the electric truck officially on roads by now if not for the supply chain disruption due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, we have what we have, and we hope that nothing will disturb the launch of Semi on the market next year.

In 2022, Tesla Semis have already been seen several times in different parts of the United States. It seems that the manufacturer continues to actively test them before launching into mass production. Many sightings at the start of the year were coincidental, but Tesla has bragged about Semi twice lately. The company recently brought its entire line of vehicles to the Michigan Formula SAE. Semi and Cybertruck joined Model S, 3, X and Y, which is not such a common occurrence. In late June, Tesla Charging shared a new video on its Twitter account showing off the truck. The company said Semi is helping to install pre-assembled Superchargers at Laguna Seca, where they have been highly anticipated.

About a day ago, @T_Will/Twitter spotted two Tesla Semis near Donner Lake, California moving west on Highway 80. Another Twitter user @ChamoisJr reported seeing two trucks in Reno on the same day, suggesting they were the same as @T_Will had seen. As several Twitter users correctly pointed out, one of the Semis had a Tesla Inc. DOT number on the door, while the other did not have this. Keep in mind that Tesla places the DOT number in various places on their trucks, which is confirmed by earlier observations.

Although there are many reasons why two Tesla Semis would be driving behind each other, one of the most interesting is the testing of FSD. During the presentation of Semi, Elon Musk mentioned “Convoy Mode,” a feature that would allow multiple trucks to move close together, optimizing battery power and range. Convoy Mode's main trick is that it also allows one piloted Semi to drive multiple unmanned trucks along a route.

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