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Tesla Giga Shanghai is Fine-Tuning Manufacturing to Meet Demand Growth, According to Company Statement

Tesla Giga Shanghai is Fine-Tuning Manufacturing to Meet Demand Growth, According to Company Statement


Tesla plans to make changes to manufacturing processes at its Chinese plant to further expand production capacity at Giga Shanghai in an attempt to meet ever-growing demand. The changes relate to improvements in the production of various vehicle components.

Tesla cars are highly popular in the auto market. In addition to meeting local demand, Giga Shanghai manufactures electric vehicles for export all over the world, including both nearby countries and distant ones, such as in Europe. While the demand for Tesla cars continues to grow around the world, the factory must change--or namely, optimize--production in order to produce them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

According to Tesla's statement on the Shanghai government website, the changes to the Chinese factory will relate to the production of spare parts, including plans to improve the power system, chassis, and electric motor. The company also confirmed that these changes are taking place in response to growing demand.

“The project aims to meet demand growth after the production capacity expansion in the factory, and it starts with improvements to the manufacturing process.”

Last year Tesla was able to register in China nearly 140,000 Model 3s that were made at Giga Shanghai. Also, in October, the first shipments of China-made Model 3s for export began, which continued and gained strength in early 2021. According to Tesla's plan, in 2021, Giga Shanghai should reach a production capacity of 450,000 Model 3/Y per year, which requires the company to finely optimize production processes.

Source: BNN Bloomberg

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